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Bentley Bentayga Car Leasing

“Be extraordinary”. This is what Bentley’s latest ad tells us. When it comes to luxury cars, they’re not wrong, the Bentley really is the cream of the crop. Bentley’s newest offering is the stunning SUV, the Bentley Bentayga which brings true luxury motoring to the SUV. You might have always believed a Bentley to be somewhat out of reach, but thanks to great Bentley Bentayga leasing options, it may be much closer and more accessible than you know. Let’s dive in and see what makes the Bentayga so special.

Your Bentayga lease speaks to your sense of fun and outdoor adventure. Its powerful exterior carries all the prestige of the Bentley brand, but with added strength to match the challenge of all-terrain driving. As usual, it’s the detail that is most eye-catching and alluring when you’re looking at a Bentley Bentayga lease. From the B-shaped wing vent to the awe-inspiring wheels, you’re sure to be taken aback. The Bentayga can travel up to 190mph (Bentayga Speed) while maintaining perfect torque. As you sit amidst the beautifully handcrafted interior, you’ll enjoy perfect acceleration and brake response regardless of your current speed.

Whatever the rugged power of the Bentayga, from the inside you cannot mistake the elegance and style that is the hallmark of this luxury brand. A panoramic sunroof lets light flow in, and those on long drives will love sitting for any length of time in the hand-stitched leather upholstery. Switch between drive modes seamlessly with your ergonomic dash and control centre, tailored to give you the ultimate driving experience.

You may never have considered a Bentley lease that goes off-road, but the Bentayga is built for adventure. Choose the All-Terrain specification to maximize features designed to give you unbeatable traction and take the Bentayga where no Bentley has ever been before. Other SUV features include the 48V Electronic Active Roll Control system, which minimises body roll and keeps your ride smooth and comfortable. There’s also the Bentley Dynamic Ride feature which enhances axle articulation for greater traction.

It’s the ultimate SUV dream --- the unmistakable and head-turning lines of a Bentley with the form and power of an off-road SUV machine. Enjoy style, comfort and adventure like never before by exploring Bentley Bentayga leasing options near you today.

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Bentley Bentayga Car Leasing

Bentley Bentayga Lease
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