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Car Subscription Service

Car Subscription Partnership

Any Car Online have partnered with Car Lease & Go to offer one of the UK's most flexible car subscription services - FlexiDrive!

Car Lease & Go Subscriptions are designed to give customers unparalleled levels of flexibility and reliability. This is done by having a car subscription service with;

  • Brand new cars & vans,
  • Free UK delivery & collection,
  • A vehicle renewal period from 6-12 months which means you could drive a brand-new car as little as every 6 months,
  • The flexibility of being able to cancel your subscription every three months with no penalties and,
  • No large upfront charge when you swap into a new vehicle. The only charge is a £180 administration fee.
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Wide Range of Car & Van Subscriptions

In addition to offering a Car Subscription Service, FlexiDrive is one of the best Van Subscription Services in the UK. These contracts function exactly the same as their car equivalents meaning you are always driving a reliable machine.

Van Subscription
Car & Van Subscription

To arrange your Car Subscription, take a look at the range of subscription vehicles, choose your vehicle and let our team know which one you are interested in. They can confirm with you the mileage allowance and the rotation period for that subscription and arrange free delivery to your home address.

When you finish with your first subscription vehicle you can arrange for the collection and delivery of your next vehicle with only a £180 admin fee. This means no large upfront costs making the FlexiDrive subscription a great long-term option as well as a short term solution.

Car Subscription FAQs
How does car subscription work?

A car subscription is a service that allows you to flexibly swap cars and vans. Like subscription services in other industries, these differ widely, but the FlexiDrive Subscription provides brand new cars for a predetermined period of between 6-12 months. After this you can return your car and have a brand new vehicle delivered.

Is car subscription worth it?

Most car subscription are designed for short-term use and are not cost-effective compared to leasing. However, FlexiDrive is designed to be both a long-term and short-term solution. Because there is no large up-front cost on subsequent FlexiDrive Subscription cars and vans, and you benefit from reduced maintanance costs, car subscription is a great alternative to leasing. 

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Car Leasing Deals With Manufacturers Warranty
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