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Lexus RC Car Leasing

According to Lexus, the “RC” in their Lexus RC lease stands for “Radical Coupé” and that’s certainly what you’re given with this fantastic sporty and elegant car. When you make the Lexus RC your own, what you get most of all is something unique and distinct from the litany of saloons and coupés that make up the mostly German-made mainstream. The RC will help you stand out as an individual.

Your Lexus RC lease is powered by a 2.5L petrol hybrid engine system which delivers 220hp and light, sporty handling that make driving a piece of cake. Part of the car’s 2020 refresh and update has been greatly enhancing the aerodynamic outer design to boost efficiency. It also has new shock absorbers and finer suspension tuning, which together massively improve ride quality over the older RC models. You still get the same high-quality in design features, like the 18” or 19” alloy wheels, low drive profile, double-spindle grille and re-styled rear lights.

You may be surprised by how efficient such a sporty-looking car is. Thanks to the advanced hybrid technology and extra capabilities like regenerative braking, power for the electric motor is reclaimed when you brake, keeping it charged as you use it. In all, you’ll get a combined fuel efficiency of 45.5mpg on the RC lease.

The winning style of the RC doesn’t stop at its exterior. Step into the car and enjoy your comfortable leather seats, the front ones being heated for winter and ventilated for summer. You’ll get two adults in the rear of the RC without any trouble, something you might not expect from this kind of sleek-look coupé. The boot has room for 330 litres of cargo, and the rear seats offer a 60:40 split to create more room if you’re carrying larger items.

There’s lots of nice touches on the dash like a 10.3” infotainment display in the centre, and an optional digital instrument cluster showing the futuristic side, but also a stylish analogue clock to give you that classic feel. If you’re a musical driver, you’ll enjoy the 10-speaker standard audio system, but probably even more the optional Mark Levinson system on the top-level Takumi trim.

Switch seamlessly between the five different drive modes; Normal, EV, Eco, Sport+ and Sport S/S+, to put your Lexus RC lease through its paces and see what it can really do. The full Lexus safety package comes as standard on all models, with an option to add blind spot monitoring if you wish. Enquire today to drive away in your Lexus RC lease and start turning heads.

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Lexus RC Car Leasing

Lexus RC Lease
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Lexus RC Car Lease Deals and Contract Hire Search

ModelSeatsFuelEngine SizePricePrice
5.0 2dr Auto [Track Pack/Sunroof]4Petrol4,969 ccAutomatic£890.30 p/m (48 months) £741.92 p/m (48 months)
300h 2.5 F-Sport 2dr CVT4Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£484.76 p/m (48 months) £403.97 p/m (48 months)
5.0 2dr Auto [Track Pack]4Petrol4,969 ccAutomatic£876.68 p/m (48 months) £730.56 p/m (48 months)
300h 2.5 Takumi 2dr CVT4Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£525.95 p/m (48 months) £438.29 p/m (48 months)
5.0 2dr Auto [Sunroof]4Petrol4,969 ccAutomatic£783.49 p/m (48 months) £652.91 p/m (48 months)
300h 2.5 2dr CVT [Leather/Sunroof]4Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£474.77 p/m (48 months) £395.64 p/m (48 months)
300h 2.5 F-Sport 2dr CVT [Takumi pack]4Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£514.27 p/m (48 months) £428.55 p/m (48 months)
5.0 Carbon 2dr Auto [Track Pack]4Petrol4,969 ccAutomatic£959.80 p/m (48 months) £799.83 p/m (48 months)
5.0 2dr Auto4Petrol4,969 ccAutomatic£769.86 p/m (48 months) £641.55 p/m (48 months)
300h 2.5 F-Sport 2dr CVT [Sunroof]4Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£499.52 p/m (48 months) £416.27 p/m (48 months)
300h 2.5 2dr CVT [Sunroof]4Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£457.95 p/m (48 months) £381.63 p/m (48 months)
5.0 Carbon 2dr Auto4Petrol4,969 ccAutomatic£826.42 p/m (48 months) £688.69 p/m (48 months)
300h 2.5 2dr CVT4Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£423.12 p/m (48 months) £352.60 p/m (48 months)
300h 2.5 2dr CVT [Leather]4Petrol/Electric HybridAutomatic£459.01 p/m (48 months) £382.51 p/m (48 months)
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