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Jaguar I-Pace Car Leasing

Are you one of these people who has heard that electric cars are all a bit dull and “samey”? It brings us great pleasure today to inform that some of the world’s most luxurious, stylish and irresistible brands are going electric - including Jaguar. Today we present to you the all-electric Jaguar I-Pace lease from Any Car Online. The I-Pace is the first all-electric SUV from the luxury car giant and was named World Car of the Year in 2019. Despite this big move for the company, however, Jaguar I-Pace leasing is unmistakably Jaguar, through and through and offers one of the best electric leasing experiences in the UK.

First of all, you should be under no illusion about the performance ability of your Jaguar I-Pace. This machine is still every bit and more of the beast of its fellow Jaguar models, past and present. The electric motor can deliver up to 696Nm of torque thanks mostly to the innovative design and almost perfect distribution of weight across the design. The powerful, pouncing front end delivers the same imposing and impressive feel of the traditional design, while the frame has been superbly sculpted to improve aerodynamics and overall efficiency.

One full charge of the electric motor and state-of-the-art battery can take you up to 292 miles, and it’s powerful enough to take you from 0 to 60 in under five seconds. Charging is also a breeze with a I-Pace lease vehicle, either at speed at a charging station (up to 168 miles charged per hour) or at home overnight (up to 22 miles of range charged per hour). All of this is before we even arrive at the sumptuous detail and craftsmanship of the car’s interior.

Step into the car of the future while reexperiencing everything people have loved about the Jaguar brand for decades. Heating or cooling seat are available in a range of sumptuous materials, all finely detailed with fine twin-needle stitching. You also get a truly space-age “floating” centre console which bring all controls into the perfect locations for easy reach. The acoustic laminated glass blocking outside noise, along with the electric engine make for an ultra-quiet and comfortable drive. If you’re driving in the city, you can even engage the ionisation system to optimise air quality within the vehicle. Access your car’s functions from your handy smartphone app, from which you can pre-heat or cool the car before you get in, so that when you set off for work each day, it’s ready and raring to go.

When it comes to luxury, they just don’t build them like the Jaguar. Every single corner of this amazing machine sparkles and dazzles passers-by. When you want a car to not just get you from A to B, but to change your whole way of life, then get yourself the Jaguar I-Pace lease.

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Jaguar I-Pace Car Leasing

Jaguar I-Pace Lease
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ModelSeatsFuelEngine SizePricePrice
294kW EV400 SE 90kWh 5dr Auto5ElectricAutomatic£663.17 p/m (36 months) £552.64 p/m (36 months)
294kW EV400 S 90kWh 5dr Auto5ElectricAutomatic£600.53 p/m (36 months) £500.44 p/m (36 months)
294kW EV400 HSE 90kWh 5dr Auto5ElectricAutomatic£726.74 p/m (36 months) £605.62 p/m (36 months)
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